Orfana was founded in 2014 by friends Melody Allred and Jennifer Page and Melody's daughter, Madeline. All devout Christians, they insisted their products be as natural as their desire to help humankind. Orfana sandals, their initial offering, are manufactured from natural materials that conform to the foot. They are naturally antibacterial and resistant to odor. Orfana sandals come in a variety of strap choices, all reminiscent of tribal patterns and timeless bohemian designs. They allow the consumer to become an instant benefactor while purchasing a quality and ecologically responsible product. They make it easy for shoppers to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children across the globe with each purchase.

Melody Allred - Founder​

Melody Allred has a passion for helping children who are unable to help themselves. Due to this passion, Melody and her husband were led to adopt a sibling group of orphan children from the state. The adoption process opened Melody’s eyes to the plight of orphans not only locally but throughout the world. This knowledge combined with Melody’s entrepreneurial spirit helped birth what is now Orfana. Melody continues to work with the local DHR and lead adoption ministries in her church.


Melody has a Bachelor in Public Administration and a Masters in Education. During her years as a teacher, she served as department head and administrator before returning home to raise her children. She currently lives in Jonesboro, Georgia with her husband and seven children.


Madeline Allred  - Founder​

Madeline has been involved in Orfana since the early stages of development.  She brings an added youth perspective to the company.  Madeline has her hands in every aspect of the business. Her responsibilities include: researching trends, product design, modeling, distribution, product development, market research, assisting at trade shows, managing and running social media marketing strategy, and accounts.


Madeline is a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, where she is majoring in Business Marketing with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. Madeline is a cheerleader for Samford University, and is involved in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.


Michelle Griffin - Web & Graphic Designer

Michelle also had the priviledge to help during the beginning stages to assist with the overall branding of Ofrana.  This includes concept, design and maintenace of the website, e-commerce site and all promotional material.  She assists in develpment and implementation of marketing concepts.


Michelle is the owner of m griffin designs where she works with multiple non-profit and for-profit organizations, assisting them in branding, website development and promotional materials. Michelle lives in McDonough, GA with her husband and two sons, Aubrey and Parker.


Visit her website: mgriffindesgins.com


Jennifer Page  - Sales

Jennifer Page holds a Bachelor in Psychology and Business and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. She has worked with abused and neglected children in foster care settings, school settings, and community mental health. More recently she has worked in sales and marketing, where she is currently on the management team for a multimillion dollar dental laboratory. Her strengths lie in sales and marketing, but through her education and experience in social work, Jennifer continues to develop her path for helping hurting people.


Jennifer is passionate about making sure orphans are taught life skills in order to thrive after they transition from their orphanage into society. Orfana is positioned to identify the facilities with such programs in place, which in turn will help thousands of children around the world. That is Jennifer’s vision. Jennifer currently lives in Homewood, Alabama with her husband and their three sons.


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