100% of corporate profits go to help orphans.

When you purchase an orfana product, your money goes toward specific projects in selected orphanages around the world.  


Orfana is a new company that plans to revolutionize the way Westerners do business. As Americans, we are among the richest people group in the history of the world. Our goal is to provide unique items, and return the earnings to those in the most need around the globe, especially orphans.

our first project - boy's dormitory in India

Mercy Mission Welfare Society

Andhra Pradesh in Southern India


The Mercy Home built for orphan children was established in 1998, and it has sheltered and cared for over 120 children. Most of these children were either orphaned or abandoned by their parents and relatives. These children are taken off city streets and from villages where they were abandoned and are brought into a well-organized campus with food, housing, education and total care. These children live on the campus year round.


How is orfana Helping Mercy Mission?


The boys at Mercy Mission have outgrown their hostel. Currently, about 56 boys are living in a small building made to house only 30 boys. Many boys share beds and actually sleep on the floor. Orfana’s goal is to raise $40,000 in funds to help construct the addition needed to the current boys hostel.

To learn more about Mercy Mission or to give directly to the Mission, please visit their website  - mercy mission.

our second project - coming soon!

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