Orphan Bios

Each picture was hand drawn by a child at Mercy Mission. Click on a picture to learn more about that child.

Spotlight Child



DOB: August 8, 2003

Date of Arrival at Mercy Mission: June 2008

Grade: 4th


Jaswanth’s father died when he was three years old. His mother left him with his grandmother and ran off with another man. He became orphaned at the age of three with no one to look after him in his tribal village.


Jaswanth is a sweet, easygoing boy who is very helpful and outgoing. He loves to sing and play with other children. Jaswanth’s favorite color is red, he enjoys math, and his favorite fruit is strawberries. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket. When asked what his favorite thing about Mercy Mission is, Jaswanth replied, “Everything is provided and it makes me very happy.”


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