Pydi Raj


DOB: May 15, 2000

Date of Arrival at Mercy Mission: July 2007

Grade: 6th


Pydi Raj’s mother died, and his father remarried and left him at the mercy of the public.Pydi Raj is a very active, bright student who is full of joy. He is loved by all because of his outgoing and fun-loving personality. His favorite subject is math, and he wants to be a software engineer. His favorite color is red, his favorite food is biryani—a spicy rice and vegetable dish—and in his free time he enjoys reading and playing cricket. When asked what his favorite thing about living at Mercy Mission is, he replied, “I feel very happy they are providing all the facilities and providing a wonderful education. Also, when I came here I believed in Jesus Christ and God blessed me in a wonderful way.”

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